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Registration Disclaimer

SWP Martial Arts Championships

“As a Participant entering Sydney World Pride Martial Arts Championships (SWPMAC),I hereby release the Sydney World Pride Martial Arts Championships (SWPMAC) or its affiliates ,Tournament Organiser - IAGLMA as the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artist (IAGLMA).their Board of Directors and members.

I hear by release The SWPMAC ,IAGLMA, their Board and members. International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Arts , Tournament Organiser ,promoters and anyone connected in anyway with these Championships from any liability in connection with this tournament of any injuries which could be sustained by participation or in connection with SWPMAC Tournament – 
I assume all responsibility for any and or all damages, injuries, death, and losses that may be sustained or incurred while attending or participating in this tournament.

I understand any medical treatment will be of First Aid only . Damages, injury incurred during this will be dealt with on a case to case basis dependent on circumstance. 
I declare all information on this form is true and correct; any misrepresentation will lead to a disqualification without any refund. Divisions could be merged or cancelled, no refunds. Images and photos of me taken at the tournament may be used for promotional purposes by SWPMAC, across social media, website & media, without compensation to me. No Refunds will be given. Credits will be given in certain circumstances to other SWP events and be at the sole discretion of SWPMAC

No refunds are provided for withdrawing from an event, if you have doctor’s certification confirming disabled abilities to being able to compete – this is not a cold of flu or covid related issue rather broken legs limbs restricting body movement credit for other SWPMAC events may be given.

I understand the application details maybe be audited at any time and I will need to provide proof of truthfulness, such as age (via birth certificate, driver’s license etc).

I will not use SWPMAC or its affiliate events to express or protest political, racist, or homophobic, transphobic, views that contradict to set national or local government, SWPMAC policies and its agencies or SWPMAC and the LGBTIQ community – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex Queer, or other definitions e.g., non-Binary, allies that indicate an affiliation with the community -LGBTIQ

I will not discriminate against people who have differences to myself as and are affiliated with the above community and will not use SWPMAC and its affiliate organisations to express or publicly demonstrate my own personal or other views.

I acknowledge SWPMAC and its affiliates are all martial arts organisations clubs and individuals, observing total respect and discipline - this means respect and discipline to the legal and approved national institutions and the LGBTIQ and its allies as set out Sydney World Pride Policies of Inclusion.

I understand should I breech the rules of SWPMAC, should I be disqualified or suspended - no refunds will be provided to me for any fees paid and hereby all terms of this disclaimer stand.

I have read and understood the conditions of entry, and I have read and understood the rules and regulations, and I agree and accept them totally.”

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