Sydney World Pride 2023

Martial Arts Championships

In the spirit of building an LGBTI Global Martial Arts Community , The SWPMA Championships we would like to Thank youoffer a multi-style Martial Arts Tournament that offers opportunities to promote sporting excellence in the Martial Arts, as well as development of Self Defence and Safety Skills.

Tournament Director Penny Gulliver 6th Dan Black Belt and Chief Instructor GLMA Martial Arts and Well known LGBTI Pioneer initiated these championships to extend the LGBTI global sporting village to Sydney attaching it to Sydney World Pride the most exciting and innovative FESTIVAL that has certainly that been held in the Southern Hemisphere is not The World.

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GLMA Classes


Newtown (GLMA) Martial Arts

A club that functions in the inner west and CBD promoting Martial Arts values like Personal Growth, Safety, and Skill Development .

The Martial Arts Syllabus we offer is is mixture of kung fu ,kickboxing, karate and is flexible enough to allow students to compete in sparring, weapons competitions as well as learning traditionally based defence moves for your personal safety.

To progress Newtown Martial Arts measured competencies in the form of gradings (exams) to test their skills. The Grading syllabus takes students to a Black Belt level and beyond. This is a commitment in a more formal way. By the time you finish a kickboxing course you will know if you are interested or not.

Doing the 4 week kickboxing course gives you a great preview to allow you to see what is offered. People with a martial arts background tend to join immediately as the club offers a lot for a very reasonable price. Martial Arts students get access to twice the training time as kickboxing students  as well as a free uniform, access to learning weapons (traditional) for the same monthly price as the short courses for $99 a month!


Kung Fu

Learning traditional weapons, basics, and kata are all part of our Black Belt Program. Kung Fu provides an in depth layer of knowledge directing energy thru stances and a long turn study of kata and it’s self defence applications traditional stance direct energy that increase the power internal or chi energy that generates force in ways that empower in ways that appear effortless. This happens after many years of practice.

More experienced students are also welcome and we will match you with someone at your skill level.

Courses are for 4 weeks up to 3 times a week and also provide instruction in beginners martial arts form. A great way to test out martial arts without any commitment to see if you like it. Cost for 4 weeks $99. Works out for optional 12 classes most people don’t do all the classes as life gets in the way, but you can!

Most people get there once or twice a week. Courses start every month. 



Kickboxing Fitness with a purpose. Learn basics Self Defence Application that can protect yourself and when your out and about call and in all situations.

Pad work, rounds , non contact sparring, kickboxing, intro to kung fu, fun and useful way to improve fitness. Only $99 for 4 weeks up to 3 times a week.

Bring 3 others you train free. Starts Th 6:30 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 1pm New start date every month. Sms 0411808451 for next starting date .


Free Self Defence Workshop Sydney World Pride 23rd February 2023

Free Self Defence Workshop Sydney World Pride

2023 for LGBTI at and Local Community 23rd February Thursday 630pm - 8 pm  Erskineville Town Hall Physical and Psychological. strategies to keep you safe . To book -sms 0411808451  - limited spaces so booking essential - 


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